Available for free from Decipher, the 12-card pack of common cards were given out as a thank-you to its players and collectors. Special features included seven common missions and a neutral outpost...just the thing to get players' spacelines jump-started.

  • White Borders (12) 5 Preview + 7 Beta Unlimited cards
Promotional Give-Away
Cards per Pack: 12 (12 C)
Released on 18 December, 1995
Supplements: Rules Card
Printed by: Carta Mundi, Belgium
Press Sheet: unknown
Edition: unknown
  • Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Rarity Set Border
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Yellow Alert C warp W
Icon1Icon1Iconneut Facility - Outpost Neutral Outpost C warp W
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Countermanda C warp W
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Sensitive Search C warp W
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Montgomery Scott C warp W

Additional FAQ Edit

  • Yellow Alert - The number "07734" appears in corner of screen. If you look at that number upside down (especially on a calculator), it says "hello."
  • Warp Pack was distributed to help make Starter Decks more playable out of the box. Another reason for it's release was due to the extended delays in the release of the Alternate Universe Expansion.
  • Sensitive Search - A "preview" card that was also released in the Introductory Two-Player Game (also in White Border).