General Information Edit

Published by Decipher Inc between October, 2000 and June, 2002

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Method of Distribution and Dates
Event 34th Rule of Acquisition DecipherCon 2000 Giveaway (Oct 2000) & 2000 State/Prov/Natl Championship Prize (Feb 2001)
Event Kivas Fajo - Collector Distributor Redemption (Jan 2001)
Decipher Store grand opening special offer (Jun 2001) & Consumer Redemption (Jun-Jul 2001)
Ship - Borg Borg Cube Retailer Redemption (Jan 2001)
Personnel - Non-Aligned Soong-type Android Consumer Redemption (Jan 2001)
Doorway Alternate Universe Doorway Tournament Prize (Mirror, Mirror, Jan-May 2001)
Doorway Bajoran Wormhole Tournament Prize (Mirror, Mirror, Jan-May 2001)
Dilemma Tarellian Plague Ship Tournament Prize (Jan 2001, Jun-Jul 2002)
Doorway Q's Tent Tournament Prize (Jan-Feb 2001, Jul-Aug 2002)
Dilemma Dal'Rok Tournament Prize (Feb-Mar 2001)
Tactic Plasma Torpedo Tournament Prize (Mar-Apr 2001)
Objective Assign Mission Specialists Tournament Prize (Apr-May 2001)
Interupt Kevin Uxbridge Tournament Prize (May-Jun 2001)
Mission Patrol Neutral Zone Tournament Prize (Jun-Jul 2001)
Equipment Bat'leth Open Qualifiers (Jun-Aug 2001)
Event The Traveler: Transcendence Tournament Prize (Jul-Aug 2001)
Dilemma Chula: The Dice Tournament Prize (Aug-Sep 2001)
Interupt Distortion of Space/Time Continuum Tournament Prize (Sep-Oct 2001)
Interupt Amanda Rogers Tournament Prize (Oct-Nov 2001)
Dilemma Edo Probe Tournament Prize (Nov-Dec 2001)
Interupt Q2 Tournament Prize (Dec 2001-Jan 2002)
Dilemma Berserk Changeling Tournament Prize (Jan-Feb 2002)
Event Genetronic Replicator Tournament Prize (Feb-Mar 2002)
Equipment Gold-Pressed Latinum Tournament Prize (Mar-Apr 2002)
Dilemma Lack of Preparation Tournament Prize (Mar-Apr 2002)
Event Masaka Transformations Tournament Prize (May-Jun 2002)

Additional FAQ Edit

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