Time Travel – There are two forms of time travel.

• Movement between a time location and a spaceline is possible only via a pair of Wormhole interrupts, a Q-related “relocator card” such as Where’s Guinan or Jealous Amanda, or any card that specifically states that it allows such movement, such as Temporal Vortex or Orb of Time. Cards such as Iconian Gateway, which do not so specify, do not allow time travel.
Time travel is not restricted to “corresponding spaceline location” unless specified. For example, the Orb of Time
allows you to move from any spaceline location (in any quadrant) to any timeline location, or vice versa; or between two time locations.

Temporal Rift and Time Travel Pod represent a different form of time travel, moving from the present into the future while remaining at the same physical location. The ship and all cards aboard are in play for uniqueness only, and are not affected by cards that resolve while the ship has “disappeared,” such as Anti-Time Anomaly, Stop First Contact, or Supernova.

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