Skills – using – In general, your personnel’s skills may be used only during your own turn.

Using skills is an action (except applying automatic modifiers such as “Attributes all +5 if with Toral” or “Suspends effect of Doppelganger where present”). Thus, during your opponent’s turn, you may use skills that represent valid responses (e.g., “May replace anyone randomly selected to die here”) or that specifically allow use during the opponent’s turn (e.g., special downloads, “Once every turn, may ‘pounce’...”, “May be replaced by another version at any time”). Examples of skills that may not be used during your opponent’s turn include “Once each turn, may reprogram any androids present” and “Once per game, may kill any one personnel present.”

See turn, actions – taking turns

If a card requires a personnel type such as MEDICAL without specifying either a classification or a skill, either will suffice. A requirement for a multiple level of a skill, such as Navigation x2, may be satisfied by any combination of Navigation skills on one or more personnel (unless? “a personnel with Navigation x2” is specified).

When a card such as Keldon Advanced requires a skill, such as Obsidian Order, it must be supplied by a personnel who has that skill in its skills box. Mention of the term in the lore is not equivalent to having the skill.

For example, Jaron does not have Tal Shiar skill.