Showing your Cards – When playing any card face up, you must announce the card’s name and show that card to your opponent. Afterwards, your opponent may only see your Personnel and Equipment cards when necessary, such as during personnel battle, for an “opponent’s choice” selection or when you must prove you have a particular skill, staffing icon, etc. He may see your ships only when they are undocked, uncloaked, and unphased, or when you must verify attributes and staffing requirements for battle, movement, etc. See facilities

A card requires revealing your cards if it says so explicitly (e.g., Long-Range Scan, or an “opponent’s choice” dilemma) or if it allows the opponent to target one of a group of cards in a non-random manner (e.g., Brain Drain, Assimilate Counterpart, or Eliminate Starship).

When required to reveal your cards, you need only reveal those portions of the cards necessary for the situation.

For example, when a card is played that allows the opponent to target a personnel non-randomly, you need reveal only the names and locations of the personnel; to verify that you can overcome a dilemma, only the relevant skills, attributes, etc. However, if a card allows “opponent’s choice” of personnel to be affected (including, for dilemmas only, a tie for “most CUNNING,” etc.), he may look at the entire card. See selections, ties

Although a hidden agenda card is played face down, you must show it to your opponent if you download it or if you wish to play it for free (for example, using Q the Referee).

If the conditions for playing a card in your hand depend upon your opponent’s cards, you may ask them to reveal whether they meet those conditions. (You must show the card which requires that information.)

• If you have Thine Own Self in hand, you may ask your opponent how many personnel are in their Away Team.
• If you have a Dal’Rok in hand, you may ask your opponent to reveal the location of their Orb Fragment in play.
• If you have Outgunned in hand, you may ask your opponent to reveal the total SHIELDS of their only undocked ship at a location.

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