Region of Space – Certain mission locations are known to be in the same region of space (as defined in the mission lore). Also, other cards may form locations that belong to a region (e.g., the Alpha Quadrant end of the
Bajoran Wormhole creates a location in the Bajor Region). Whenever a regional card is being added to the spaceline, it must be placed (or inserted) next to another location in the same region, if possible.

Some cards, such as ❖ Space, Gaps in Normal Space, Blade of Tkon, and the Q dilemma, allow non-regional locations to be inserted between regional locations. Such inserted cards are not considered to be part of the region (unless specified on the card).
Thus, for example, a ship is “in the Neutral Zone” only when it is actually at one of the Neutral Zone mission locations listed below.

The following regions of space are defined for pre-Deep Space Nine cards:

The Neutral Zone Region, consisting of Covert Installation, Iconia Investigation, Investigate “Shattered Space”, and Patrol Neutral Zone

and Sector 001 Region, consisting of Espionage Mission (Earth) and Reunion (Mars). These missions have errata defining their regional status.

Beginning with the Deep Space Nine expansion, regional missions are clearly identified in the lore as regional (e.g., Alter Records, “Bajor Region • Bajor”).

The following additional regions now exist: the
Bajor Region, the Cardassia Region, the Badlands Region, the Demilitarized Zone, the Mirror Universe • Bajor Region, the Mirror Universe • Badlands Region, the Nekrit Expanse Region, and the Briar Patch Region.