Nemesis icon

Nemesis icons identify a relationship between personnel and/or ships that lead to the destruction of one of the pair. Two cards that have a nemesis relationship will have icons of the same color but pointing in different directions. If two or more personnel or ships with opposing nemesis icons are present with each other at the end of a player’s turn, that player must choose one of them to be immediately killed (personnel) or destroyed (ships), regardless of ownership. (If a nemesis ship is cloaked or phased, it is not affected by – and cannot affect – an external nemesis.)

This is not a battle.

For example, if your Pralor Unit 3947 is on a planet with your opponent’s Cravic Unit 122 at the end of your turn, you must choose one of them to be discarded. If you have left your Pralor Unit 3947 aboard your Cravic Warship at the end of your turn, you must choose one to be discarded. (If you choose to destroy the ship, all personnel aboard – including Pralor Unit 3947 – will be killed.)