General Information Edit

  • One hundred thirty-one cards. From the office of Dixon Hill to the study of Sherlock Holmes, the missions of Secret Agent Julian Bashir to the adventures of Captain Proton... "Enter when ready..."
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Card List Edit


Additional FAQ Edit


December 21, 2001

Design Team

Evan Lorentz (lead), Joe Alread

Product Configuration

131 cards (1 UR - 50 R/R+ - 40 U - 40 C)
11-card expansion packs (1 R - 10 mixed C/U)
30 expansion packs per display Rules supplement/collector's card list

Press Sheets

11x11 card sheets

New Mechanics


New Rules

Major errata to Holo-projectors. White deprivation rules and built-in function of Cybernetics skill cancelled (replaced by card-based functions).

New Features



Holographic persona versions; black-and-white cards (Captain Proton series); 10 dual-affiliation cards with alternate border colors

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