battle – ship – multiple targets

Borg Ship dilemmas and Borg-affiliation ships with a Multiplexor Drone aboard are allowed to fire WEAPONS against two or more targets in the same battle. This expands the fire (or return fire) portion of the battle into two or more engagements. Each engagement has only one target, but it is possible to have multiple cards firing upon that target.

Compute separate ATTACK and DEFENSE totals for each engagement, repeatedly using the appropriate bonuses from each player’s current tactic each time. In other words, each player is limited to one current tactic for the battle, but it will apply to each engagement.

If your multiplexed Borg ship scores a hit  (or direct hit) against two or more targets and your current tactic has a 

Icon tactic current

symbol, use that card as the damage marker for one of those targets (your choice) and treat that symbol as

Icon tactic draw

for damage to each remaining target. All damage markers drawn from your side deck must be placed on the hit

targets randomly, without looking at the markers before placing them; choose a ship, draw and place the markers for it, choose another ship, and so on.

Because ships and facilities destroyed in battle are not discarded until the end of the battle, you cannot retrieve any damage markers from targets at -100% HULL integrity to use in separate engagements of the same battle.

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