Cards identified by the special Q-icon, representing actions of Q or one of the other Q entities, come into
play only through a special Q-Continuum side deck, unless a card’s text allows them to be used in another way (e.g., Q’s Planet, Hide and Seek, Beware of Q). (If so, you do not need a Q-Continuum side deck, or any seeded Q-Flash doorways, to use these cards.)

Although labeled as interrupts, events, dilemmas, and other card types, they cannot normally be used the same way as other cards of those types. The objective card Beware of Q allows Q-icon dilemmas (but not other Q-icon card types) to seed as normal Space/Planet icon dilemmas. Q-icon cards can be nullified in the normal ways (dilemmas by Q2, events by Kevin Uxbridge, and interrupts by Amanda Rogers) unless otherwise specified.

See nullify

A Q-icon card that contains the phrase “until any Q-Flash” has its effect only until the next Q-Flash card is played from a hand or encountered by any crew or Away Team, then is discarded.